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Baselard has a simple handle and a gently decorated scabbard. The blade of this dagger is straight and pointed. Handle is made from wood, just like in medieval examples. Leather scabbard is decorated with rhomboid embossing.

It is dedicated mostly for the late medieval period reenactors. Usually this dagger is attached to the belt with a leather lace or to the belt bag.

Our Baselard dagger is available in one color option, visible on the picture. On your request we can change the tone of the color - write us a message before placing your order.

Baselard dagger - simple and popular

Our dagger is based on numerous findings, currently stored in European museums. An example with a handle of this type (and this method of attaching) from 15th century France can be found in Art Institute Chicago.

What is a Baselard?

This type of a medieval pugio with characteristic handles in the “I” shape is called a Baselard. Normally it was made from one piece of steel or with a wooden handle mounted with special rivets. Blade was usually double-edged and narrowing towards the tip.

Is pugio a dagger?

Yes! The name “pugio” comes from Latin and it means a dagger.

We know that it was already used by the Roman legionaries, mostly in hand-to-hand combat (as a blade as well as a self-defense tool after losing a shield).

In medieval times it gained popularity in the form of so-called baselard dagger or misericorde - a short blade used for finishing off the soldiers dying on the battlefield. It had its greatest popularity in the late Middle Ages, when plate armors became fashionable.

In Poland, together with a sword, it was the basic weapon for every knight. It was used in short distance to make stab wounds.


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Baselard Dagger

Baselard Dagger

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